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The Greenhouse source supports Full Refresh syncs. That is, every time a sync is run, Airbyte will copy all rows in the tables and columns you set up for replication into the destination in a new table.

Output schema

Several output streams are available from this source:

If there are more endpoints you'd like Airbyte to support, please create an issue.


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncComing soon
Replicate Incremental DeletesComing soon
SSL connectionYes

Performance considerations

The Greenhouse connector should not run into Greenhouse API limitations under normal usage. Please create an issue if you see any rate limit issues that are not automatically retried successfully.

Getting started


  • Greenhouse API Key

Setup guide

Please follow the Greenhouse documentation for generating an API key.


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.2.72022-04-1511941Correct Schema data type for Applications, Candidates, Scorecards and Users
0.2.62021-11-087607Implement demographics streams support. Update SAT for demographics streams
0.2.52021-09-226377Refactor the connector to use CDK. Implement additional stream support
0.2.42021-09-156238added identification of accessible streams for API keys with limited permissions