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LinkedIn Pages

Sync overview

The LinkedIn Pages source only supports Full Refresh for now. Incremental Sync will be coming soon.

Airbyte uses LinkedIn Marketing Developer Platform - API to fetch data from LinkedIn Pages.

Output schema

This Source is capable of syncing the following data as streams:


All streams only sync all-time statistics at this time. A start_date field will be added soon to pull data starting at a single point in time.

Data type mapping

Integration TypeAirbyte TypeNotes
numbernumberfloat number
integerintegerwhole number


Full Refresh Overwrite SyncYes
Full Refresh Append SyncNo
Incremental - Append SyncNo
Incremental - Append + Deduplication SyncNo

Performance considerations

There are official Rate Limits for LinkedIn Pages API Usage, more information here. Rate limited requests will receive a 429 response. Rate limits specify the maximum number of API calls that can be made in a 24 hour period. These limits reset at midnight UTC every day. In rare cases, LinkedIn may also return a 429 response as part of infrastructure protection. API service will return to normal automatically. In such cases you will receive the next error message:

"Caught retryable error '<some_error> or null' after <some_number> tries. Waiting <some_number> seconds then retrying..."

This is expected when the connector hits the 429 - Rate Limit Exceeded HTTP Error. If the maximum of available API requests capacity is reached, you will have the following message:

"Max try rate limit exceded..."

After 5 unsuccessful attempts - the connector will stop the sync operation. In such cases check your Rate Limits on this page > Choose your app > Analytics.

Getting started

The API user account should be assigned the following permissions for the API endpoints: Endpoints such as: Organization Lookup API, Follower Statistics, Page Statistics, Share Statistics, Shares, UGC Posts require these permissions:

  • r_organization_social: Retrieve your organization's posts, comments, reactions, and other engagement data.
  • rw_organization_admin: Manage your organization's pages and retrieve reporting data.

The API user account should be assigned the ADMIN role.


There are 2 authentication methods: Access Token or OAuth2.0. OAuth2.0 is recommended since it will continue streaming data for 12 months instead of 2 months with an access token.

Create the Refresh_Token or Access_Token:

The source LinkedIn Pages can use either the client_id, client_secret and refresh_token for OAuth2.0 authentication or simply use an access_token in the UI connector's settings to make API requests. Access tokens expire after 2 months from creation date (60 days) and require a user to manually authenticate again. Refresh tokens expire after 12 months from creation date (365 days). If you receive a 401 invalid token response, the error logs will state that your token has expired and to re-authenticate your connection to generate a new token. This is described more here.

  1. Log in to LinkedIn as the API user

  2. Create an App here:

    • App Name: airbyte-source
    • Company: search and find your LinkedIn Company Page
    • Privacy policy URL: link to company privacy policy
    • Business email: developer/admin email address
    • App logo: Airbyte's (or Company's) logo
    • Review/agree to legal terms and create app
    • Review the Auth tab:
      • Save your client_id and client_secret (for later steps)
      • Oauth 2.0 settings: Provide a redirect_uri (for later steps):
  3. Verify App:

    • In the Settings tab of your app dashboard, you'll see a Verify button. Click that button!
    • Generate and provide the verify URL to your Company's LinkedIn Admin to verify the app.
  4. Request API Access:

    • Navigate to the Products tab
    • Select the Marketing Developer Platform and agree to the legal terms
    • After a few minutes, refresh the page to see a link to View access form in place of the Select button
    • Fill out the access form and access should be granted within 72 hours (usually quicker)
  5. Create A Refresh Token (or Access Token):

    • Navigate to the LinkedIn Developers' OAuth Token Tools and click Create token
    • Select your newly created app and check the boxes for the following scopes:
      • r_organization_social
      • rw_organization_admin
    • Click Request access token and once generated, save your Refresh token
  6. Use the client_id, client_secret and refresh_token from Steps 2 and 5 to autorize the LinkedIn Pages connector within the Airbyte UI.

    • As mentioned earlier, you can also simply use the Access token auth method for 60-day access.


Config fields reference

Property name


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
1.0.22023-05-3024352Remove duplicate streams
1.0.12023-03-2224352Remove authSpecification as it's not yet supported
1.0.02023-03-1618967Fixed failing connection checks
0.1.02022-08-1113098Initial Release