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Display & Video 360 [ARCHIVED]


Deprecation Notice

The Display & Video 360 source connector is scheduled for deprecation on March 5th, 2024 due to incompatibility with upcoming platform updates as we prepare to launch Airbyte 1.0. This means it will no longer be supported or available for use in Airbyte.

This connector does not support new per-stream features which are vital for ensuring data integrity in Airbyte's synchronization processes. Without these capabilities, we cannot enforce our standards of reliability and correctness for data syncing operations.

Users who still wish to sync data from this connector are advised to explore creating a custom connector as an alternative to continue their data synchronization needs. For guidance, please visit our Custom Connector documentation.

Google DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) is the API that enables developers to manage Queries and retrieve Reports from Display & Video 360.

DoubleClick Bid Manager API v1.1 is the latest available and recommended version.

Link to the official documentation


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncYes

Supported Tables

This source is capable of syncing the following tables and their data:

  • Audience Composition
  • Floodlight
  • Reach
  • Standard
  • Unique Reach Audience

Note: It is recommended to first build the desired report in the UI to avoid any errors, since there are several limilations and requirements pertaining to reporting types, filters, dimensions, and metrics (such as valid combinations of metrics and dimensions).

Available filters and metrics:

Available filters and metrics are provided in this page.

Getting Started (Airbyte-Cloud)

  1. Click Authenticate your Display & Video 360 account to sign in with Google and authorize your account.
  2. Get the partner ID for your account.
  3. Fill out a start date, and optionally, an end date and filters (check the Queries documentation) .
  4. You're done.

Getting Started (Airbyte Open Source)


You can use the setup tool to create credentials and enable the DBM API in the Google API Console.

  • access_token
  • refresh_token
  • token_uri
  • client_id
  • client_secret
  • start_date
  • end_date
  • partner_id
  • filters

Setup guide

Rate Limiting & Performance Considerations (Airbyte Open Source)

This source is constrained by the limits set by the DBM API. You can read more about those limits in the Display & Video 360 docs.


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0.1.02022-09-2811828Release Native Display & Video 360 Connector