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Data Transfer Options

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A connection links a source to a destination and defines how your data will sync. After you have created a connection, you can modify any of the configuration settings or stream settings.

Configure Connection Settings

Configuring the connection settings allows you to manage various aspects of the sync, such as how often data syncs and where data is written.

To configure these settings:

  1. In the Airbyte UI, click Connections and then click the connection you want to change.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

  3. Click the Configuration dropdown to expand the options.


These settings apply to all streams in the connection.

You can configure the following settings:

Connection NameA custom name for your connection
Schedule TypeHow often data syncs (can be scheduled, cron, API-triggered or manual)
Destination NamespaceWhere the replicated data is written to in the destination
Destination Stream PrefixA prefix added to each table name in the destination
Detect and propagate schema changesHow Airbyte handles schema changes in the source
Connection Data ResidencyWhere data will be processed (Cloud only)

Modify Streams

On the "Schema" tab, you choose which streams to sync and how they are loaded to the destination.


A connection's schema consists of one or many streams. Each stream is most commonly associated with a database table or an API endpoint. Within a stream, there can be one or many fields or columns.

To modify streams, click Connections and then click the connection you want to change. Click the Schema tab to see all the streams Airbyte can sync. To modify an individual stream:

  1. Toggle Sync on or off for your selected stream. To select or deselect all streams at once, use "Hide disabled streams" in the table header. To deselect an individual stream, use the toggle in its row.

  2. Click the Sync mode dropdown and select the sync mode you want to apply. Depending on the sync mode you select, you may need to choose a cursor or primary key.


Source-defined cursors and primary keys are selected automatically and cannot be changed in the table.

  1. Click on a stream to display the stream details panel. You'll see each column we detect from the source.

  2. Column selection is available to protect PII or sensitive data from being synced to the destination. Toggle individual fields to include or exclude them in the sync, or use the toggle in the table header to select all fields at once.

  • You can only deselect top-level fields. You cannot deselect nested fields.
  • The Airbyte platform may read all data from the source (depending on the source), but it will only write data to the destination from fields you selected. Deselecting fields will not prevent the Airbyte platform from reading them.
  • When you refresh the schema, newly added fields will be selected by default, even if you have previously deselected fields in that stream.
  1. Click the X to close the stream details panel.

  2. Click Save changes, or click Cancel to discard the changes.

  3. The Stream configuration changed dialog displays. This gives you the option to reset streams when you save the changes.


When editing the stream configuration, Airbyte recommends that you reset streams. A reset will delete data in the destination of the affected streams and then re-sync that data. Skipping a reset is discouraged and might lead to unexpected behavior.

  1. Click Save connection.