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Sync Details

The Smartsheet Source is written to pull data from a single Smartsheet spreadsheet. Unlike Google Sheets, Smartsheets only allows one sheet per Smartsheet - so a given Airbyte connector instance can sync only one sheet at a time.
To replicate multiple spreadsheets, you can create multiple instances of the Smartsheet Source in Airbyte, reusing the API token for all your sheets that you need to sync.
Note: Column headers must contain only alphanumeric characters or _ , as specified in the Airbyte Protocol.

Column datatype mapping

The data type mapping adopted by this connector is based on the Smartsheet documentation.
NOTE: For any column datatypes interpreted by Smartsheets beside DATE and DATETIME, this connector's source schema generation assumes a string type, in which case the format field is not required by Airbyte.
Integration Type
Airbyte Type
Airbyte Format
format: date
format: date-time
anything else
The remaining column datatypes supported by Smartsheets are more complex types (e.g. Predecessor, Dropdown List) and are not supported by this connector beyond its string representation.


This source connector only supports Full Refresh Sync. Since Smartsheets only allows 5000 rows per sheet, it's likely that the Full Refresh Sync Mode will suit the majority of use-cases.
Full Refresh Sync
Incremental Sync

Performance considerations

At the time of writing, the Smartsheets API rate limit is 300 requests per minute per API access token. This connector makes 6 API calls per sync operation.

Getting started


To configure the Smartsheet Source for syncs, you'll need the following:
  • A Smartsheets API access token - generated by a Smartsheets user with at least read access
  • The ID of the spreadsheet you'd like to sync

Setup guide

Obtain a Smartsheets API access token

You can generate an API key for your account from a session of your Smartsheet webapp by clicking:
  • Account (top-right icon)
  • Apps & Integrations
  • API Access
  • Generate new access token
For questions on advanced authorization flows, refer to this.

The spreadsheet ID of your Smartsheet

You'll also need the ID of the Spreadsheet you'd like to sync. Unlike Google Sheets, this ID is not found in the URL. You can find the required spreadsheet ID from your Smartsheet app session by going to:
  • File
  • Properties

Configuring the source in the Airbyte UI

To setup your new Smartsheets source, Airbyte will need:
  1. 1.
    Your API access token
  2. 2.
    The spreadsheet ID
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