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This page contains the setup guide and reference information for the KYVE source connector.

The KYVE Data Pipeline enables easy import of KYVE data into any data warehouse or destination supported by Airbyte. With the ELT format, data analysts and engineers can now confidently source KYVE data without worrying about its validity or reliability.

For information about how to setup an end to end pipeline with this connector, see the documentation.

Source configuration setup

  1. In order to create an ELT pipeline with KYVE source you should specify the Pool-ID of KYVE storage pool from which you want to retrieve data.

  2. You can specify a specific Bundle-Start-ID in case you want to narrow the records that will be retrieved from the pool. You can find the valid bundles of in the KYVE app (e.g. Cosmos Hub pool).

  3. In order to extract the validated from KYVE, you can specify the endpoint which will be requested KYVE-API URL Base. By default, the official KYVE mainnet endpoint will be used, providing the data of these pools.

    Note: KYVE Network consists of three individual networks: Korellia is the devnet used for development purposes, Kaon is the testnet used for testing purposes, and mainnet is the official network. Although through Kaon and Korellia validated data can be used for development purposes, it is recommended to only trust the data validated on Mainnet.

Multiple pools

You can fetch with one source configuration more than one pool simultaneously. You just need to specify the Pool-IDs and the Bundle-Start-ID for the KYVE storage pool you want to archive separated with comma.


Config fields reference

Property name


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.2.02023-11-10Update KYVE source to support to Mainnet and Testnet
0.1.02023-05-25Initial release of KYVE source connector