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This page contains the setup guide and reference information for the Pipedrive connector.


  • A Pipedrive account;
  • An API token;
  • A client_id, client_secret, and refresh_token.

Setup guide

The Pipedrive connector accepts two authentication flows:

Via API Token Authentication

Step 1 - Enable API Token:

If you don't see API next to the Your companies section, it's due to the permission sets handled by the company's admin. The company's admin can give you access to your API token by enabling it for you from the Settings in Pipedrive web app.

For more information, access enabling API for company users.

Step 2 - Find the API Token:

You can get the API Token manually from the Pipedrive web app by going to account name (on the top right) > Company settings > Personal preferences > API.

See How to find the API Token for detailed information.

Via OAuth

Step 1 - Register a Pipedrive app:

Pipedrive allows integrations with its API through registered apps. So, to authenticate Airbyte, first you need to create a Pipedrive private app in the marketplace. Follow these instructions to register your integration.

Step 2 - Follow the Oauth Authorization flow:

With the registered app, you can follow the authorization flow to obtain the client_id, client_secret, and refresh_token secrets. Pipedrive has documentation about it:

Step 3 - Configure Airbyte:

Now you can fill the fields Client ID, Client Secret, and Refresh Token. Your Pipedrive connector is set up to work with the OAuth authentication.

Supported sync modes

The Pipedrive connector supports the following sync modes:

Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncYes
Replicate Incremental DeletesNo
SSL connectionYes

Supported Streams

Apart from Fields streams, all other streams support incremental.

Performance considerations

The Pipedrive connector will gracefully handle rate limits. For more information, see the Pipedrive docs for rate limitations.


Config fields reference

Property name


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
2.2.92024-07-1041465Update dependencies
2.2.82024-07-0941082Update dependencies
2.2.72024-07-0640778Update dependencies
2.2.62024-06-2540501Update dependencies
2.2.52024-06-2240171Update dependencies
2.2.42024-06-0439095[autopull] Upgrade base image to v1.2.1
2.2.32024-05-2038405[autopull] base image + poetry + up_to_date
2.2.22024-01-1134153prepare for airbyte-lib
2.2.12023-11-0631147Bugfix: handle records with a null data field
2.2.02023-10-2531707Add new stream mail
2.1.02023-10-1031184Add new stream goals
2.0.12023-10-1331151Add additionalProperties in schemas to read custom fields
2.0.02023-08-0929293Migrated to Low-Code CDK
1.0.02023-06-2927832Remove followers_count field from Products stream
0.1.192023-07-0527967Update OrganizationFields and ProductFields with display_field field
0.1.182023-06-0226892Update DialFields schema with pipeline_ids property
0.1.172023-03-2124282Bugfix handle missed cursor_field
0.1.162023-03-0823789Add 11 new streams
0.1.152023-03-0223705Disable OAuth
0.1.142023-03-0123539Fix schema for "activities", "check" works if empty "deals"
0.1.132022-09-1616799Migrate to per-stream state
0.1.122022-05-1212806Remove date-time format from schemas
0.1.102022-04-2611870Add 3 streams: DealFields, OrganizationFields and PersonFields
0.1.92021-12-078582Update connector fields title/description
0.1.82021-11-167875Extend schema for "persons" stream
0.1.72021-11-157968Update oAuth flow config
0.1.62021-10-056821Add OAuth support
0.1.52021-09-276441Fix normalization error
0.1.42021-08-265943Add organizations stream
0.1.32021-08-265642Remove date-time from deals stream
0.1.22021-07-234912Update money type to support floating point
0.1.12021-07-194686Update spec.json
0.1.02021-07-194686🎉 New source: Pipedrive connector