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Sync overview

This source can sync various data from the Oura ring. It currently only supports authentication through personal access tokens, and is therefore not suitable for syncing data from multiple Oura rings.

Output schema

This source is capable of syncing the following streams:

  • daily_activity
  • daily_readiness
  • daily_sleep
  • heart_rate
  • sessions
  • sleep_periods
  • tags
  • workouts


FeatureSupported? (Yes/No)Notes
Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncNo
Multiple ringsNoMay be implemented in the future.

Performance considerations

There are no documented rate limits for the Oura V2 API at the time of writing. However, users must have an up-to-date version of the Oura app installed to use the API.

Getting started


  1. Purchase an Oura ring.
  2. Create a personal access token via the Oura developer portal.

Setup guide

The following fields are required fields for the connector to work:

  • api_key: Your Oura API key.
  • (optional) start_datetime: The start date and time for the sync.
  • (optional) end_datetime: The end date and time for the sync.


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.1.02022-10-2018224New source