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This page contains the setup guide and reference information for the Elasticsearch source connector.



  • Elasticsearch endpoint URL
  • Elasticsearch credentials (optional)

Supported sync modes

Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncNo

This source syncs data from an ElasticSearch domain.

Supported Streams

This source automatically discovers all indices in the domain and can sync any of them.

Performance Considerations

ElasticSearch calls may be rate limited by the underlying service. This is specific to each deployment.

Data type map

Elasticsearch data types:

Airbyte data types:

In Elasticsearch, there is no dedicated array data type. Any field can contain zero or more values by default, however, all values in the array must be of the same data type. Hence, every field can be an array as well.

Integration TypeAirbyte TypeNotes
binary["string", "array"]
boolean["boolean", "array"]
keyword["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
constant_keyword["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
wildcard["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
long["integer", "array"]
unsigned_long["integer", "array"]
integer["integer", "array"]
short["integer", "array"]
byte["integer", "array"]
double["number", "array"]
float["number", "array"]
half_float["number", "array"]
scaled_float["number", "array"]
date["string", "array"]
date_nanos["number", "array"]
object["object", "array"]
flattened["object", "array"]
nested["object", "string"]
join["object", "string"]
integer_range["object", "array"]
float_range["object", "array"]
long_range["object", "array"]
double_range["object", "array"]
date_range["object", "array"]
ip_range["object", "array"]
ip["string", "array"]
version["string", "array"]
murmur3["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
aggregate_metric_double["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
histogram["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
text["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
alias["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
search_as_you_type["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
token_count["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
dense_vector["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
geo_point["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
geo_shape["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
shape["string", "array", "number", "integer"]
point["string", "array", "number", "integer"]


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0.1.22024-02-1335230Adopt CDK 0.20.4
0.1.22024-01-2434453bump CDK version
0.1.12022-12-0218118Avoid too_long_frame_exception
0.1.02022-07-1214118Initial Release