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Connector Support Levels

AvailableCloud AvailableSelf-Managed Community (OSS)AvailableSelf-Managed Enterprise

The following table describes the support levels of Airbyte connectors.

AvailabilityAvailable to all usersAvailable to all usersAvailable to all users
Who builds them?Either the community or the Airbyte team.Typically they are built by the community. The Airbyte team may upgrade them to Certified at any time.Anyone can build custom connectors. We recommend using our Connector Builder or Low-code CDK.
Who maintains them?The Airbyte teamUsersUsers
Production ReadinessGuaranteed by AirbyteNot guaranteedNot guaranteed
Support: CloudSupported*No SupportSupported**
Support: Powered by AirbyteSupported*No SupportSupported**
Support: Self-Managed EnterpriseSupported*No SupportSupported**
Support: Community (OSS)Slack Support onlyNo SupportSlack Support only

*For Certified connectors, Official Support SLAs are only available to customers with Premium Support included in their contract. Otherwise, please use our support portal and we will address your issues as soon as possible.

**For Custom connectors, Official Support SLAs are only available to customers with Premium Support included in their contract. This support is provided with best efforts, and maintenance/upgrades are owned by the customer.


A Certified connector is actively maintained and supported by the Airbyte team and maintains a high quality bar. It is production ready.

What you should know about Certified connectors:

  • Certified connectors are available to all users.
  • These connectors have been tested and vetted in order to be certified and are production ready.
  • Certified connectors should go through minimal breaking change but in the event an upgrade is needed users will be given an adequate upgrade window.


A Community connector is maintained by the Airbyte community until it becomes Certified. Airbyte has over 800 code contributors and 15,000 people in the Slack community to help. The Airbyte team is continually certifying Community connectors as usage grows. As these connectors are not maintained by Airbyte, we do not offer support SLAs around them, and we encourage caution when using them in production.

What you should know about Community connectors:

  • Community connectors are available to all users.
  • Community connectors may be upgraded to Certified at any time, and we will notify users of these upgrades via our Slack Community and in our Connector Catalog.
  • Community connectors might not be feature-complete (features planned for release are under development or not prioritized) and may include backward-incompatible/breaking API changes with no or short notice.
  • Community connectors have no Support SLAs.


From time to time, Airbyte will remove a connector from the Connector Catalog. This is typically due extremely low usage and/or if the connector is no longer maintained by the community. This is necessary to ensure that the Connector Catalog maintains a minimum level of quality.

Archived connectors will not receive any further updates or support from the Airbyte team. Archived connectors remain source-available in the airbytehq/connector-archive repository on GitHub.

If you wish to take over the maintenance of an archived connector, please open a Github Discussion. For API Sources (python), updating the connector to the latest version of the CDK and ensuring that the connector successfully passes the Connector Acceptance Tests is the start to the un-archiving process.