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Airbyte Self-Managed Enterprise

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Airbyte Self-Managed Enterprise is the best way to run Airbyte yourself. You get all 300+ pre-built connectors, data never leaves your environment, and Airbyte becomes self-serve in your organization with new tools to manage multiple users, and multiple teams using Airbyte all in one place.

A valid license key is required to get started with Airbyte Self-Managed Enterprise. Talk to sales to receive your license key.

The following pages outline how to:

  1. Deploy Airbyte Enterprise using Kubernetes
  2. Configure Okta for Single Sign-On (SSO) with Airbyte Self-Managed Self-Managed Enterprise
Premium SupportPriority assistance with deploying, managing and upgrading Airbyte or troubleshooting any connection issues.
User ManagementOkta SSO to extend each Airbyte workspace to multiple users
Multiple WorkspacesAbility to create + manage multiple workspaces on one Airbyte instance
Role-Based Access ControlIsolate workspaces from one another with users roles scoped to individual workspaces