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This connector is graveyarded and will not be receiving any updates from the Airbyte team. Its functionalities have been replaced by the Airbyte CDK, which allows you to create source connectors for any HTTP API.


This connector allows you to generally connect to any HTTP API. In order to use this connector, you must manually bring it in as a custom connector. The steps to do this can be found here.

Where do I find the Docker image?

The Docker image for the HTTP Request connector image can be found at our DockerHub here.

Why was this connector graveyarded?

We found that there are lots of cases in which using a general connector leads to poor user experience, as there are countless edge cases for different API structures, different authentication policies, and varied approaches to rate-limiting. We believe that enabling users to more easily create connectors is a more scalable and resilient approach to maximizing the quality of the user experience.