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The Firebolt source allows you to sync your data from Firebolt. Only Full refresh is supported at the moment.

The connector is built on top of a pure Python firebolt-sdk and does not require additonal dependencies.

Resulting schema

The Firebolt source does not alter schema present in your database. Depending on the destination connected to this source, however, the result schema may be altered. See the destination's documentation for more details.


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental - Append SyncNo

Getting started


  1. An existing AWS account

Setup guide

  1. Create a Firebolt account following the guide

  2. Follow the getting started tutorial to setup a database

  3. Load data

  4. Create an Analytics (read-only) engine as described in here

You should now have the following

  1. An existing Firebolt account
  2. Connection parameters handy
    1. Username
    2. Password
    3. Account, in case of a multi-account setup (Optional)
    4. Host (Optional)
    5. Engine (Optional), preferably Analytics/read-only
  3. A running engine (if an engine is stopped or booting up you won't be able to connect to it)
  4. Your data in either Fact or Dimension tables.

You can now use the Airbyte Firebolt source.


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
1.0.02023-07-2021842PGDate, TimestampTZ, TimestampNTZ and Boolean column support
0.2.12022-05-1025965Fix DATETIME conversion to Airbyte date-time type
0.2.02022-09-0916583Reading from views
0.1.02022-04-2813874Create Firebolt source