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End-to-End Testing Destination

This destination is for testing of Airbyte connections. It can be set up as a source message logger, a /dev/null, or to mimic specific behaviors (e.g. exception during the sync). Please use it with discretion. This destination may log your data, and expose sensitive information.


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncYes
Replicate Incremental DeletesNo
SSL connectionNo
SSH Tunnel SupportNo


Silent (/dev/null)

This is the only mode allowed on Airbyte Cloud.

This mode works as /dev/null. It does nothing about any data from the source connector. This is usually only useful for performance testing of the source connector.


This mode logs the data from the source connector. It will log at most 1,000 data entries.

There are the different logging modes to choose from:

First N entriesLog the first N number of data entries for each data stream.N: how many entries to log.
Every N-th entryLog every N-th entry for each data stream. When N=1, it will log every entry. When N=2, it will log every other entry. Etc.N: the N-th entry to log. Max entry count: max number of entries to log.
Random samplingLog a random percentage of the entries for each data stream.Sampling ratio: a number in range of [0, 1]. Optional seed: default to system epoch time. Max entry count: max number of entries to log.


This mode mimics a slow data sync. You can specify the time (in millisecond) of delay between each message from the source is processed.


This mode throws an exception after receiving a configurable number of messages.


The OSS and Cloud variants have the same version number starting from version 0.2.2.

VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.3.62024-05-0938097Support dedup
0.3.52024-04-2937366Support refreshes
0.3.42024-04-1637366Fix NPE
0.3.32024-04-1637366Fix Log trace messages
0.3.22024-02-1436812Log trace messages
0.3.12024-02-1435278Adopt CDK 0.20.6
0.3.02023-05-0825776Standardize spec and change property field to non-keyword
0.2.42022-06-1713864Updated stacktrace format for any trace message errors
0.2.32022-02-1410256Add -XX:+ExitOnOutOfMemoryError JVM option
0.2.22022-01-29#9745Integrate with Sentry.
0.2.12021-12-19#8824Fix documentation URL.
0.2.02021-12-16#8824Add multiple logging modes.
0.1.02021-05-25#3290Create initial version.