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Airbyte destination connector for Xata.


Currently only append is supported.


  • The stream name will define the name of the table in Xata.
  • The message data will be mapped one by one to the table schema.

For example, a stream name nyc_taxi_fares_2022 will attempt to write to a table with the same name. If the message has the following shape:

"name": "Yellow Cab, co",
"date": "2022-05-15",
"driver": "Joe Doe"

the table must have the same columns, mapping the names and data types, one-by-one.

Getting Started

In order to connect, you need:

  • API Key: go to your account settings to generate a key.
  • Database URL: navigate to the configuration tab in your workspace and copy the Workspace API base URL.


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.1.22024-03-05#35838Un-archive connector
0.1.12023-06-21#27542Mark api_key as Airbyte Secret
0.1.02023-06-14#24192New Destination Connector Xata
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