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February 2023

airbyte v0.41.0 and airbyte-platform v0.41.0

This page includes new features and improvements to the Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source platforms.


  • Improved the Airbyte GitHub repository structure and processes by splitting the current repo into two repos, airbytehq/airbyte for connectors and airbytehq/airbyte-platform for platform code.
    • Allows for isolated changes and improvements to the development workflow.
    • Simplifies the deployment process both internally and externally.

If you want to contribute to the Airbyte Open Source platform, you will need to switch to airbytehq/airbyte-platform. If you want to contribute to Airbyte connectors, continue using airbytehq/airbyte.

  • Improved low-code CDK to meet the quality and functionality requirements to be promoted to beta. #22853
  • Improved the Airbyte API by adding new endpoints:
    • Create sources
    • Create connections
    • Create destinations
    • List jobs (+ job status)
    • Cancel jobs

The Airbyte API is now in beta. If you are interested in joining the beta program, please email [email protected]

  • Improved Airbyte’s cost estimator UI by redesigning the layout and enhancing the cost visualization for a better user experience.