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March 2024

airbyte v0.51.0 to v0.56.0

This page includes new features and improvements to the Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source platforms.

✨ Highlights

Airbyte now supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) SSO for Airbyte Enterprise and Airbyte Cloud Teams. This enables companies to use Airbyte with Entra ID/AD via the OIDC protocol.

Airbyte certified our Microsoft SQL Server source to support terabyte-sized tables, expanded datetime data types, and reliability improvements.

Airbyte migrated our Redshift destination to the Destinations V2 framework. This enables you to map tables one-to-one with your source, experience better error handling (particularly with large records), and deliver data incrementally.

Platform Releases

In addition to our OpenID Connect support, we also released:

  • A major upgrade to our Docker and Helm deployments, which simplifies how external logs are configured. Learn more about the specific changes in our migration guide.

  • A breaking change to Docker deployments. Containers no longer run as the root user. If you are upgrading from an older version, the airbyte_workspace docker volume must be recreated to fix the ownership of staging directories under /tmp (in the container). Alternatively, you can manually update the ownership (airbyte:airbyte) of the directory mount point /tmp/workspace in all containers where airbyte_workspace is mounted (see: docker-compose.yaml)

  • Our major version upgrades (Airbyte Cloud only) now only require manual upgrading when you are actively syncing a stream that has changed. Otherwise, syncs will continue as is and the version will be upgraded automatically for you.

Connector Improvements

In addition to our MS-SQL certification, we also released a few notable Connector improvements:

  • We released several connector builder enhancements, including support for raw YAML blocks, modification the start date when testing, and added the ability to adjust page/slice/record limits. We also resolved bugs in page size and interpolation inputs, improved the switching time between YAML and UI, and fixed several layout issues.
  • Our Bing source includes the following new streams: Audience Performance Report, Goals And Funnels Report, Product Dimension Performance Report
  • Our JIRA source now contains more fields to the following streams: board_issues,filter_sharing,filters,issues, permission_schemes, sprint_issues,users_groups_detailed and workflows
  • Our Snapchat Source now contains additional fields in the ads, adsquads, creatives, and media streams.