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May 2024

airbyte v0.58.1 to v0.62.2

This page includes new features and improvements to the Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source platforms.

✨ Highlights

Our certified database sources (Mongo, MySQL, MSSQL and Postgres) are now resilient to failures while syncing with full refresh sync mode. They’ll now checkpoint so that we resume syncing between attempts without needing to start over.

We expanded on our AI offering by releasing a new Snowflake Cortex destination to support users who prefer to use Snowflake as a vector store and utilize the LLM capabilities of Snowflake Cortex functions.

Platform Releases

  • We are now resilient to changes when a connector changes its defined primary key. This can occur during major version updates to a connector or when there are upstream adjustments to a source-defined primary key. Airbyte will gracefully recognize the change in the primary key and ask to update the connection before syncing again.

  • (Self-Managed Enterprise only) We've made Enterprise configurations more secure and easier to support by deprecating the use of the airbyte.yaml file. Now, all Enterprise configuration is sourced from user-managed secrets.

Connector Improvements

We also released a few notable connector improvements:

  • MongoDB source now supports UUIDs as a cursor

  • S3 Destination now supports IAM Role Authentication. Cloud users can reach out to Sales to enable the feature for their workspace.

  • Errors are now systemized with the Python CDK, making it easier to define how failures are captured, the backoff strategy, and parse the received error messages.

  • In the Connector Builder, the Authentication and Record Selector components can now be toggled to YAML mode. Users can also filter down to only relevant records using the Record Filter, coerce data types to make data consistent, or easily test different input states for Incremental syncs. Testing has become simpler by allowing the use of outputs as inputs. The builder also now allows custom authenticators or authenticators that are not yet added to the UI.