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July 2023

airbyte v0.50.6 to v0.50.11

This page includes new features and improvements to the Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source platforms.

✨ New and improved features

  • New Sources and Promotions: July has been a month of expansion and innovation for us. We've rolled out several new connectors and promotions to enhance our offerings. One of the significant additions is the Datadog connector to the cloud, which promises to streamline data integration from Datadog. Another noteworthy introduction is the destination for Vector Database powered by LangChain, a powerful database solution. We've also ventured into new territories with the introduction of the Gainsight-px source. Additionally, our commitment to keeping our tools updated is reflected in the upgrade of the Iceberg destination.
  • New Features for Existing Connectors: Our existing connectors have received a lot of love this month. We've made OAuth the exclusive option for Shopify-Oauth, enhancing security and simplifying the authentication process. The Datadog source now supports multiple query streams, offering more flexibility in data retrieval. We've also enriched our Twilio and Zendesk Support connectors with new streams, broadening the scope of data that can be accessed. Furthermore, several sources have been migrated to advanced authentication, reinforcing security and streamlining the user experience.
  • New Features in Airbyte Platform: On the platform front, we've introduced aesthetic and functional enhancements. Users can now enjoy a visually pleasing Dark Mode, reducing eye strain during extended usage. We've also made it easier to manage data synchronization with the addition of a sync mode dropdown in the stream details panel. For those building connectors, the new global requests UI in the Connector Builder promises a more intuitive experience.

🚨 Security & Breaking changes

  • Ensuring the security and reliability of our platform is paramount. This month, we've addressed several issues and made breaking changes to enhance performance. The incremental for the Hubspot engagement stream has been fixed, ensuring accurate data retrieval. We've also taken the step to remove the Activity Stream from MetaBase for optimization. The Facebook Marketing source has been updated to use SDK v17, ensuring compatibility and enhanced performance.

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Our commitment to delivering a bug-free experience is unwavering. July saw us addressing a myriad of issues across our platform. We've rectified the custom connector creation flow, ensuring a smoother user experience. Several sources, including Square and Greenhouse, have been updated following state management changes in the CDK. We've also tackled specific issues in connectors like Google Ads and Datadog, ensuring they function optimally.