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February 2024

airbyte v0.50.46 to v0.50.54

This page includes new features and improvements to the Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source platforms.

✨ Highlights

Airbyte migrated our Postgres destination to the Destinations V2 framework. This enables you to map tables one-to-one with your source, experience better error handling, and deliver data incrementally.

Platform Releases

  • Read-only Users You can now enable read-only users in Airbyte Cloud (with Teams add-on) or Self-Managed Enterprise to administer read-only permissions in Airbyte. For access to this feature, reach out to our Sales team.

  • Our Slack and Email (for Cloud only) notifications have received a facelift! Additional contextual information about sync failures or schema changes are now included in the notification to ensure you can act on any pipeline changes quickly.

Connector Improvements

In addition to our Postgres V2 destination, we also released a few notable Connector improvements:

  • Our Paypal source has been rigorously tested for bugs and now syncs new streams Catalog Products, Disputes, Invoicing, Orders, Payments and Subscriptions.
  • Chargebee source now syncs incrementally for unbilled-charge, gift, and site_migration_detail
  • We launched PyAirbyte, a new interface to use Airbyte connectors with for Python developers.