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October 2022

Airbyte v0.40.13 to v0.40.17

This page includes new features and improvements to the Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source platforms.

New features

  • Added the low-code connector builder UI to Airbyte OSS. It includes an embedded YAML editor and significantly reduces the time and complexity of building and maintaining connectors. #17482
  • Added Datadog Real User Monitoring (RUM) support to the webapp, which helps us monitor frontend performance in Airbyte Cloud. #17821
  • Added Nginx and Basic Auth to ensure security when using Airbyte Open Source. #17694
    • Now when you start the Airbyte server and go to localhost:8000, you’ll be prompted to log in before accessing your Airbyte workspace.
    • You should change the default username (airbyte) and password (password) before you deploy Airbyte. If you do not want a username or password, you can remove them by setting BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME and BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD to empty values (" ") in your .env file.
    • Our CLI and docs have been updated to reflect this change.


  • Since adding Basic Auth to Airbyte Open Source, we improved the load_test script to reflect this change. Now when the load_test script sources the .env file, it includes BASIC_AUTH_USERNAME and BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD when calling the API. #18273
  • Improved the Airbyte platform by updating the Apache Commons Text from 1.9 to 1.10.0 because version 1.9 was affected by CVE 2022-42889 (Text4Shell). #18273
    • We do not intend to update older versions of Airbyte because we were not affected by the vulnerable behavior:
      • Our direct usages of commons-text either do not use the vulnerable class or are pinned to an unaffected version.
      • Almost all of our transitive dependencies on commons-text are limited to test code. Runtime code has no vulnerable transitive dependencies on commons-text.