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September 2022

Airbyte v0.40.4 to v0.40.6

This page includes new features and improvements to the Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source platforms.

New features

  • Added the low-code connector development kit (early access). This low-code framework is a declarative approach based on YAML with the goal of significantly reducing the time and complexity of building and maintaining connectors. #11582
    • Added a guide for using the low-code framework. #17534
  • Added support for large schema discovery. #17394


  • Improved airbyte-metrics support in the Helm chart. #16166
  • Improved the visibility button behavior for the password input field. This ensures that passwords are always submitted as sensitive fields. #16011
  • Improved Sync History page performance by adding the Load more button, which you can click to display previous syncs. #15938
  • Improved the validation error that displays when submitting an incomplete ServiceForm. #15625
  • Improved the source-defined cursor and primary key by adding a tooltip, which displays the full cursor or primary key when you hover over them. #16116
  • Improved Airbyte Cloud’s method of updating source and destination definitions by using airbyte-cron to schedule updates. This allows us to keep connectors updated as the catalog changes. #16438
  • Improved the speed that workspace connections are listed. #17004


  • Fixed an issue where the Helm chart templates did not correctly render extraContainers values. #17084