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November 2022

Airbyte v0.40.18 to v0.40.23

This page includes new features and improvements to the Airbyte Cloud and Airbyte Open Source platforms.

New features

  • Added multi-region Cloud architecture, which allows for better data protection and for Airbyte Cloud to launch in Europe.
  • Added the low-code connector builder UI to Airbyte Open Source. Run Airbyte v0.40.19 or higher and visit localhost:8000/connector-builder to start building low-code connectors.
  • Added a Helm chart for deploying airbyte-cron. New installations of Airbyte Open Source will now deploy airbyte-cron by default. To disable cron, use --set cron.enabled=false when running a helm install. #18542
  • Added a progress bar estimate to syncs in Airbyte Cloud. #19814


  • Improved the Airbyte Protocol by introducing Airbyte Protocol v1 #19846, which defines a set of well-known data types. #17486
    • These replace existing JSON Schema primitive types.
    • They provide out-of-the-box validation and enforce specific formatting on some data types, like timestamps.
    • Non-primitive types, like object, array, and oneOf, still use raw JSON Schema types.
    • These well-known types mostly correspond with the existing Airbyte data types, aside from a few differences:
      • BinaryData is the only new type, which is used in places that previously produced a Base64 string.
      • TimestampWithTimezone, TimestampWithoutTimezone, TimeWithTimezone, and TimeWithoutTimezone have been in use for some time, so we made them official.
      • The big_integer and big_number types have been retired because they were not being used.