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Step 1: Generate the source connector project locally

Let's start by cloning the Airbyte repository:

git clone [email protected]:airbytehq/airbyte.git
cd airbyte

Airbyte provides a code generator which bootstraps the scaffolding for our connector.

cd airbyte-integrations/connector-templates/generator

This will bring up an interactive helper application. Use the arrow keys to pick a template from the list. Select the Low-code Source template and then input the name of your connector. The application will create a new directory in airbyte/airbyte-integrations/connectors/ with the name of your new connector. The generator will create a new module for your connector with the name source-<connector-name>.

Configuration Based Source
Source name: exchange-rates-tutorial

For this walkthrough, we'll refer to our source as exchange-rates-tutorial.

Next steps

Next, we'll install dependencies required to run the connector

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