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Airbyte Support

Hold up! Have you looked at our docs yet? We recommend searching the wealth of knowledge in our documentation as many times the answer you are looking for is there!

Airbyte Open Source Support

Running Airbyte Open Source and have questions that our docs could not clear up? Join our community Slack and forum to connect with other Airbyte users.

Join our Slack community HERE!

If you're experiencing connection issues and need assistance, send your question to the #help-connections-issue channel.

For questions related to building connectors, ask in the #help-connector-development channel.

If you need help with infrastructure and deployment, head over to the #help-infrastructure-deployment channel.

For assistance with the API, CLI, or setting up orchestration, visit the #help-api-cli-orchestration channel.

We also hold daily office hours, Monday to Friday, where you can engage in live discussions with the community and Airbyte team. Join the #office-hours channel to participate and view the schedule.

If you require personalized support, reach out to our sales team to inquire about Airbyte Enterprise.

Airbyte Cloud Support

If you have questions about connector setup, error resolution, or want to report a bug, Airbyte Support is available to assist you. We recommend checking our documentation and searching our Help Center before opening a support ticket.

If you couldn't find the information you need in our docs or Help Center, open a ticket within the Airbyte Cloud platform by selecting the "Support" icon in the lower left navigation bar. Alternatively, you can submit a ticket through our Help Center by completing an Airbyte Cloud Support Request.

If you're unsure about the supported connectors, refer to our Connector Catalog & Connector Support Levels.

For account or credit-related inquiries, contact our sales team.

If you don't see a connector you need, you can submit a connector request.

To stay updated on Airbyte's future plans, take a look at our roadmap.

Airbyte Enterprise (self-hosted) Support

If you're running Airbyte Open Source with Airbyte Enterprise or have an OSS support package, we're here to help you with upgrading Airbyte versions, debugging connector issues, or troubleshooting schema changes.

Before opening a support ticket, we recommend consulting our documentation and searching our Help Center. If your question remains unanswered, please submit a ticket through our Help Center. We suggest creating an Airbyte Help Center account to access your organization's support requests.

Submitting a Pull Request for review?

  • Be sure to follow our contribution guidelines laid out here on our doc. Highlights include:
    • PRs should be limited to a single change-set
  • Submit the PR as a PR Request through the Help Center Open Source Enterprise Support Request form
  • If you are submitting a Platform PR we accept Platform PRs in the areas below:
    • Helm
    • Environment variable configurations
    • Bug Fixes
    • Security version bumps
    • If outside these areas, please open up an issue to help the team understand the need and if we are able to consider a PR

Submitting a PR does not guarantee its merge. The Airbyte support team will conduct an initial review, and if the PR aligns with Airbyte's roadmap, it will be prioritized based on team capacities and priorities.

Although we strive to offer our utmost assistance, there are certain requests that we are unable to support. Currently, we do not provide assistance for these particular items:

  • Question/troubleshooting assistance with forked versions of Airbyte
  • Configuring using Octavia CLI
  • Creating and configuring custom transformation using dbt
  • Curating unique documentation and training materials
  • Configuring Airbyte to meet security requirements