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Code formatting


🐍 Python

We format our Python code using:

  • Black for code formatting
  • isort for import sorting

Our configuration for both tools is in the pyproject.toml file.

☕ Java

We format our Java code using Spotless. Our configuration for Spotless is in the spotless-maven-pom.xml file.

Json and Yaml

We format our Json and Yaml files using prettier.

Pre-push hooks and CI

We wrapped all our code formatting tools in airbyte-ci.

Local formatting

You can run airbyte-ci format fix all to format all the code in the repository. We wrapped this command in a pre-push hook so that you can't push code that is not formatted.

To install the pre-push hook, run:

make tools.pre-commit.setup

This will install airbyte-ci and the pre-push hook.

The pre-push hook runs formatting on all the repo files. If the hook attempts to format a file that is not part of your contribution, it means that formatting is also broken in the master branch. Please open a separate PR to fix the formatting in the master branch.

CI checks

In the CI we run the airbyte-ci format check all command to check that all the code is formatted. If it is not, the CI will fail and you will have to run airbyte-ci format fix all locally to fix the formatting issues. Failure on the CI is not expected if you installed the pre-push hook.