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This page contains the setup guide and reference information for the Twilio source connector.


Twilio HTTP requests to the REST API are protected with HTTP Basic authentication. In short, you will use your Twilio Account SID as the username and your Auth Token as the password for HTTP Basic authentication.

You can find your Account SID and Auth Token on your dashboard.

See docs for more details.

Setup guide

For Airbyte Cloud:

  1. Log into your Airbyte Cloud account.
  2. In the left navigation bar, click Sources. In the top-right corner, click +new source.
  3. On the Set up the source page, enter the name for the Twilio connector and select Twilio from the Source/Destination type dropdown.
  4. Enter your account_sid.
  5. Enter your auth_token.
  6. Enter your start_date.
  7. Enter your lookback_window.
  8. Click Set up source.

For Airbyte Open Source:

  1. Navigate to the Airbyte Open Source dashboard.
  2. Set the name for your source.
  3. Enter your account_sid.
  4. Enter your auth_token.
  5. Enter your start_date.
  6. Enter your lookback_window.
  7. Click Set up source.

Supported sync modes

The Twilio source connector supports the following sync modes:

Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncYes
Replicate Incremental DeletesNo
SSL connectionYes

Supported Streams

Performance considerations

The Twilio connector will gracefully handle rate limits. For more information, see the Twilio docs for rate limitations.


Config fields reference

Property name


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.11.02024-03-1936267Pin airbyte-cdk version to ^0
0.10.22024-02-1235153Manage dependencies with Poetry.
0.10.12023-11-2132718Base image migration: remove Dockerfile and use the python-connector-base image
0.10.02023-07-2827323Add new stream Step
0.9.02023-06-2727221Add new stream UserConversations with parent Users
0.8.12023-07-1228216Add property channel_metadata to ConversationMessages schema
0.8.02023-06-1127231Add new stream VerifyServices
0.7.02023-05-0325781Add new stream Trunks
0.6.02023-05-0325783Add new stream Roles with parent Services
0.5.02023-03-2123995Add new stream Conversation Participants
0.4.02023-03-1823995Add new stream Conversation Messages
0.3.02023-03-1822874Add new stream Executions with parent Flows
0.2.02023-03-1624114Add Conversations stream
0.1.162023-02-1022825Specified date formatting in specification
0.1.152023-01-2722025Set AvailabilityStrategy for streams explicitly to None
0.1.142022-11-1619479Fix date range slicing
0.1.132022-10-2518423Implement datetime slicing for streams supporting incremental syncs
0.1.112022-09-3017478Add lookback_window parameters
0.1.102022-09-2917410Migrate to per-stream states
0.1.92022-09-2617134Add test data for Message Media and Conferences
0.1.82022-08-2916110Add state checkpoint interval
0.1.72022-08-2615972Shift start date for stream if it exceeds 400 days
0.1.62022-06-2214000Update Records stream schema and align tests with connectors' best practices
0.1.52022-06-2213896Add lookback window parameters to fetch messages with a rolling window and catch status updates
0.1.42022-04-2212157Use Retry-After header for backoff
0.1.32022-04-2012183Add new subresource on the call stream + declare a valid primary key for conference_participants stream
0.1.22021-12-239092Correct specification doc URL
0.1.12021-10-187034Update schemas and transform data types according to the API schema
0.1.02021-07-024070Native Twilio connector implemented