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Talkdesk Explore


Talkdesk is a software for contact center operations.

The Talkdesk Explore connector uses the Talkdesk Explore API to fetch data from usage reports.

Output schema

The connector supports both Full Refresh and Incremental on the following streams:

Note on report generation

To request data from one of the endpoints, first you need to generate a report. This is done by a POST request where the payload is the report specifications. Then, the response will be a report ID that you need to use in a GET request to obtain the report's data.

This process is further explained here: Executing a Report


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental - Append SyncYes
Incremental - Dedupe SyncNo
SSL connectionYes

Performance considerations

The Explore API has an account-based quota limit of 15 simultaneous reports (executing + enqueued). If this limit is exceeded, the user will receive a 429 (too many requests) response.

Getting started


  • Talkdesk account
  • Talkdesk API key (Client Credentials auth method)

Setup guide

Please refer to the getting started with the API guide.


| Version | Date | Pull Request | Subject | | 0.1.0 | 2022-02-07 | | New Source: Talkdesk Explore | :--- | :--- | :--- | :--- |