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Sync overview

This source can sync data for the SurveyMonkey API. It supports both Full Refresh and Incremental syncs. You can choose if this connector will copy only the new or updated data, or all rows in the tables and columns you set up for replication, every time a sync is run.

Output schema

This Source is capable of syncing the following core Streams:

Data type mapping

Integration TypeAirbyte TypeNotes


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncYes

Performance considerations

The SurveyMonkey API applies heavy API quotas for default private apps, which have the following limits:

  • 125 requests per minute
  • 500 requests per day

To cover more data from this source we use caching.

Please create an issue if you see any rate limit issues that are not automatically retried successfully.

Getting started


  • SurveyMonkey API Key

Setup guide

Please read this docs. Register your application here Then go to Settings and copy your access token


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.1.82022-05-2013046Fix incremental streams
0.1.72022-02-248768Add custom survey IDs to limit API calls
0.1.62022-01-149508Scopes change
0.1.52021-12-288628Update fields in source-connectors specifications
0.1.42021-11-117868Improve 'check' using '/users/me' API call
0.1.32021-11-017433Remove unsused oAuth flow parameters
0.1.22021-10-277433Add OAuth support
0.1.12021-09-105983Fix caching for gzip compressed http response
0.1.02021-07-064097Initial Release