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Supported sync modes

Full Refresh SyncYesOverwrite
Incremental SyncNo

Supported Streams


Plausible is a privacy-first analytics service, and the data available from its API is intentionally 1) less granular and 2) less comprehensive than those available from Google Analytics. As such:

  1. when retrieving multi-day data, metrics are aggregated to a daily grain; and
  2. non-metric properties (e.g., referrer, entry page, exit page) cannot be directly exported, only grouped on.

Thus, this source connector retrieves all possible metrics on a daily grain, for all days with nonzero website activity.

Performance Considerations

The stated rate limit is 600 requests per hour per API key, with higher capacities potentially available upon request.


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.1.02022-10-3018657Initial commit