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This page contains the setup guide and reference information for the Monday source connector.


  • Monday API Token / Monday Access Token

You can find your Oauth application in Monday main page -> Profile picture (bottom left corner) -> Developers -> My Apps -> Select your app.

You can get the API token for Monday by going to Profile picture (bottom left corner) -> Admin -> API.

Setup guide

  1. Log into your Airbyte Cloud account.
  2. In the left navigation bar, click Sources. In the top-right corner, click +new source.
  3. On the Set up the source page, enter the name for the Monday connector and select Monday from the Source type dropdown.
  4. Fill in your API Key or authenticate using OAuth and then click Set up source.

Connect using OAuth 2.0 option

  1. Select OAuth2.0 in Authorization Method.
  2. Click on authenticate your Monday account.
  3. Proceed with the authentication using the credentials for your Monday account.

Connect using API Token option

  1. Generate an API Token as described here.
  2. Use the generated api_token in the Airbyte connection.

Supported sync modes

The Monday source connector supports the following features:

Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncYes
SSL connectionNo

Supported Streams

Several output streams are available from this source:

Important Notes:

  • Columns are available from the Boards stream. By syncing the Boards stream you will get the Columns for each Board synced in the database The typical name of the table depends on the destination you use like boards.columns, for instance.

  • Column Values are available from the Items stream. By syncing the Items stream you will get the Column Values for each Item (row) of the board. The typical name of the table depends on the destination you use like items.column_values, for instance. If there are more endpoints you'd like Airbyte to support, please create an issue.

  • Incremental sync for Items and Boards streams is done using the Activity logs stream. Ids of boards and items are extracted from activity logs events and used to selectively sync boards and items. Some data may be lost if the time between incremental syncs is longer than the activity logs retention time for your plan. Check your Monday plan at

Performance considerations

The Monday connector should not run into Monday API limitations under normal usage. Please create an issue if you see any rate limit issues that are not automatically retried successfully.


Config fields reference

Property name


Expand to review
VersionDatePull RequestSubject
2.1.32024-06-0438958[autopull] Upgrade base image to v1.2.1
2.1.22024-04-3037722Fetch display_value field for column values of Mirror, Dependency and Connect Board types
2.1.12024-04-0536717Add handling of complexityBudgetExhausted error.
2.1.02024-04-0336746Pin airbyte-cdk version to ^0
2.0.42024-02-2835696Fix extraction for null value in stream Activity logs
2.0.32024-02-2135506Support for column values of the mirror type for the Items stream.
2.0.22024-02-1235146Manage dependencies with Poetry.
2.0.12024-02-0835016Migrated to the latest airbyte cdk
2.0.02024-01-1234108Migrated to the latest API version: 2024-01
1.1.42023-12-1333448Increase test coverage and migrate to base image
1.1.32023-09-2330248Add new field "type" to board stream
1.1.22023-08-2329777Add retry for 502 error
1.1.12023-08-1529429Ignore null records in response
1.1.02023-07-0527944Add incremental sync for Items and Boards streams
1.0.02023-06-2027410Add new streams: Tags, Workspaces. Add new fields for existing streams.
0.2.62023-06-1227244Added http error handling for 403 and 500 HTTP errors
0.2.52023-05-22225881Fix pagination for the items stream
0.2.42023-04-2625277Increase row limit to 100
0.2.32023-03-0623231Publish using low-code CDK Beta version
0.2.22023-01-0420996Fix json schema loader
0.2.12022-12-1520533Bump CDK version
0.2.02022-12-1319586Migrate to low-code
0.1.42022-06-0614443Increase retry_factor for Items stream
0.1.32021-12-238172Add oauth2.0 support
0.1.22021-12-078429Update titles and descriptions
0.1.12021-11-188016🐛 Source Monday: fix pagination and schema bug
0.1.02021-11-077168🎉 New Source: Monday