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Instagram Migration Guide

Upgrading to 3.0.0

The Instagram connector has been upgrade to API v18 (following the deprecation of v11). Connector will be upgraded to API v18. Affected Streams and their corresponding changes are listed below:

  • Media Insights

    Old metric will be replaced with the new ones, refer to the IG Media Insights for more info.

    Old metricNew metric

You may see different results: engagement count includes likes, comments, and saves while total_interactions count includes likes, comments, and saves, as well as shares.

New metrics for Reels: ig_reels_avg_watch_time, ig_reels_video_view_total_time

  • User Lifetime Insights

    • Metric audience_locale will become unavailable.
    • Metrics audience_city, audience_country, and audience_gender_age will be consolidated into a single metric named follower_demographics, featuring respective breakdowns for city, country, and age,gender.
    • Primary key will be changed to ["business_account_id", "breakdown"].

Due to Instagram limitations, the "Metric Type" will be set to total_value for follower_demographics metric. Refer to the docs for more info.

  • Story Insights

    Metrics: exits, taps_back, taps_forward will become unavailable.

Please follow the instructions below to migrate to version 3.0.0:

  1. Select Connections in the main navbar. 1.1 Select the connection(s) affected by the update.
  2. Select the Replication tab. 2.1 Select Refresh source schema.
    Any detected schema changes will be listed for your review.

2.2 Select OK. 3. Select Save changes at the bottom of the page. 3.1 Ensure the Reset affected streams option is checked.

Depending on destination type you may not be prompted to reset your data
  1. Select Save connection.
    This will reset the data in your destination and initiate a fresh sync.

For more information on resetting your data in Airbyte, see this page.

Upgrading to 2.0.0

This release adds a default primary key for the streams UserLifetimeInsights and UserInsights, and updates the format of timestamp fields in the UserLifetimeInsights, UserInsights, Media and Stories streams to include timezone information.

To ensure uninterrupted syncs, users should:

  • Refresh the source schema
  • Reset affected streams
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