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Facebook Pages

Sync overview

The Facebook Pages source uses Facebook Graph API to read data from the Facebook social graph.

Output schema

This Source is capable of syncing the following core Streams:

The linked Facebook docs go into detail about the fields present on those streams.

Data type mapping

Integration TypeAirbyte TypeNotes


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental SyncNo

Rate Limiting & Performance Considerations

Facebook heavily throttles API tokens generated from Facebook Apps by default, making it infeasible to use such a token for syncs with Airbyte. To be able to use this connector without your syncs taking days due to rate limiting follow the instructions in the Setup Guide below to access better rate limits.

See Facebook's documentation on rate limiting for more information on requesting a quota upgrade.

Getting started


  • A Facebook Developer Account
  • A Facebook App
  • A Facebook API Page Access Token
  • A Facebook Page ID

Setup guide

Facebook Developer Account

Follow the Facebook Developer Account link to create new account.

Facebook App

If you don't have a Facebook App

Visit the Facebook Developers App hub and create an App and choose "Company" as the purpose of the app. Fill out the remaining fields to create your app, then follow along the "Connect a User Page" section.

Connect a User Page

Follow the Graph API Explorer link. 1. Choose your app at Facebook App field 2. Choose your Page at User or Page field 3. Add next permission:

  • pages_read_engagement
  • pages_read_user_content
  • pages_show_list
  • read_insights
    1. Click Generate Access Token and follow instructions.

After all the steps, it should look something like this

Now can copy your Access Token from Access Token field (This is a short live Page access token, if you need a long-lived Page access token, you can generate one from a long-lived User access token. Long-lived Page access token do not have an expiration date and only expire or are invalidated under certain conditions.)

Getting Page ID

You can easily get the page id from the page url. For example, if you have a page URL such as, the ID would beTest-1111111111.


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.1.62021-12-229032Remove deprecated field live_encoders from Page stream
0.1.52021-11-268267updated all empty objects in schemas for Page and Post streams
0.1.42021-11-26Remove unsupported insights_export field from Pages request
0.1.32021-10-287440Generate Page token from config access token
0.1.22021-10-187128Upgrade Facebook API to v.12
0.1.12021-09-306438Annotate Oauth2 flow initialization parameters in connector specification
0.1.02021-09-015158Initial Release