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Exchange Rates API

This page contains the setup guide and reference information for the Exchange Rates API source connector.


The Exchange Rates API integration is a toy integration to demonstrate how Airbyte works with a very simple source.


  • Exchange Rates API account
  • API Access Key

Setup Guide

Step 1: Set up Exchange Rates API

  1. Create an account with Exchange Rates API.
  2. Navigate to the Exchange Rates API Dashboard to find your API Access Key.

If you have a free subscription plan, you will have two limitations to the plan:

  1. Limit of 1,000 API calls per month
  2. You won't be able to specify the base parameter, meaning that you will be only be allowed to use the default base value which is EUR.

Step 2: Set up the Exchange Rates connector in Airbyte

  1. Enter a Name for your source.
  2. Enter your API key as the access_key from the prerequisites.
  3. Enter the Start Date in YYYY-MM-DD format. The data added on and after this date will be replicated.
  4. (Optional) Enter a base currency. For those on the free plan, EUR is the only option available. If none are specified, EUR will be used.
  5. Click Set up source.

Supported sync modes

Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental - Append SyncYes

Supported streams

It contains one stream: exchange_rates

Each record in the stream contains many fields:

  • The date of the record.
  • One field for every supported currency which contain the value of that currency on that date.

Data type map

FieldAirbyte Type

Limitations & Troubleshooting

Expand to see details about Exchange Rates API connector limitations and troubleshooting.

Connector limitations

Rate limiting

The Exchange Rates API has rate limits that vary per pricing plan. The free plan is subject to rate limiting of 1,000 requests per month. Review the Exchange Rates API Pricing Plans for more information.


  • With the free plan, you won't be able to specify the base parameter, meaning that you will be only be allowed to use the default base value which is EUR.
  • Check out common troubleshooting issues for the Exchange Rates API source connector on our Airbyte Forum.


Config fields reference

Property name


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
1.3.02023-08-2529299Migrate to low-code
1.2.92023-08-1523000Fix schema and tests
1.2.82023-02-1423000Specified date formatting in specification
1.2.72022-10-3118726Fix handling error during check connection
1.2.62022-08-2315884Migrated to new API Layer endpoint
0.2.62022-04-2012230Update connector to use a spec.yaml
0.2.52021-11-127936Add ignore_weekends boolean option
0.2.42021-11-087499Remove base-python dependencies
0.2.32021-06-063973Add AIRBYTE_ENTRYPOINT for kubernetes support
0.2.22021-05-283677Adding clearer error message when a currency isn't supported. access_key field in spec.json was marked as sensitive
0.2.02021-05-263566Move from to Add required field access_key to config.json.
0.1.02021-04-192942Implement Exchange API using the CDK