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The Dynamodb source allows you to sync data from Dynamodb. The source supports Full Refresh and Incremental sync strategies.

Resulting schema

Dynamodb doesn't have table schemas. The discover phase has three steps:

Step 1. Retrieve items

The connector scans the table with a scan limit of 1k and if the data set size is > 1MB it will initiate another scan with the same limit until it has >= 1k items.

Step 2. Combining attributes

After retrieving the items it will combine all the different top level attributes found in the retrieved items. The implementation assumes that the same attribute present in different items has the same type and possibly nested attributes values.

Step 3. Determine property types

For each item attribute found the connector determines its type by calling AttributeValue.type(), depending on the received type it will map the attribute to one of the supported Airbyte types in the schema.


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental - Append SyncYes
Replicate Incremental DeletesNo

Full Refresh sync

Works as usual full refresh sync.

Incremental sync

Cursor field can't be nested, and it needs to be top level attribute in the item.

Cursor should never be blank. and it needs to be either a string or integer type - the incremental sync results might be unpredictable and will totally rely on Dynamodb comparison algorithm.

Only ISO 8601 and epoch cursor types are supported. Cursor type is determined based on the property type present in the previously generated schema:

  • ISO 8601 - if cursor type is string
  • epoch - if cursor type is integer

Getting started

This guide describes in details how you can configure the connector to connect with Dynamodb.

Сonfiguration Parameters


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.1.201-19-2023 reserved words in projection expression & make them configurable
0.1.102-09-2023 build
0.1.011-14-2022 version