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This is a setup guide for the Adjust source connector which ingests data from the reports API.


An API token is required to get hold of reports from the Adjust reporting API. See the Adjust API authentication help article on how to obtain a key.

As Adjust allows you to setup custom events etc that are specific to your apps, only a subset of available metrics are made pre-selectable. To list all metrics that are available, query the filters data endpoint. Information about available metrics are available in the Datascape metrics glossary.

Full Metrics Listing

Take a look at the filters data endpoint documentation to see available filters. The example below shows how to obtain the events that are defined for your apps (replace the API_KEY with the key obtained in the previous step):

curl --header 'Authorization: Bearer API_KEY' '' | jq

Set up the Adjust source connector

  1. Click Sources and then click + New source.
  2. On the Set up the source page, select Adjust from the Source type dropdown.
  3. Enter a name for your new source.
  4. For API Token, enter your API key obtained in the previous step.
  5. For Ingestion Start Date, enter a date in YYYY-MM-DD format (UTC timezone is assumed). Data starting from this date will be replicated.
  6. In the Metrics to Ingest field, select the metrics of interest to query.
  7. Enter any additional, custom metrics, to query in the Additional Metrics box. Available metrics can be listed as described in the Prerequisites section. These selected metrics are assumed to be decimal values.
  8. In the Dimensions field, select the dimensions to group metrics by.
  9. Click Set up source.

Supported sync modes

The source connector supports the following sync modes:

  • Full Refresh
  • Incremental


VersionDatePull RequestDescription
0.1.02022-08-2616051Initial version.