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Yugabytedb [ARCHIVED]

TODO: update this doc

Sync overview

Output schema

Is the output schema fixed (e.g: for an API like Stripe)? If so, point to the connector's schema (e.g: link to Stripe’s documentation) or describe the schema here directly (e.g: include a diagram or paragraphs describing the schema).

Describe how the connector's schema is mapped to Airbyte concepts. An example description might be: "MagicDB tables become Airbyte Streams and MagicDB columns become Airbyte Fields. In addition, an extracted_at column is appended to each row being read."

Data type mapping

This section should contain a table mapping each of the connector's data types to Airbyte types. At the moment, Airbyte uses the same types used by JSONSchema. string, date-time, object, array, boolean, integer, and number are the most commonly used data types.

Integration TypeAirbyte TypeNotes


This section should contain a table with the following format:

Full Refresh Sync
Incremental Sync
Replicate Incremental Deletes
For databases, WAL/Logical replication
SSL connection
SSH Tunnel Support
(Any other source-specific features)

Performance considerations

Could this connector hurt the user's database/API/etc... or put too much strain on it in certain circumstances? For example, if there are a lot of tables or rows in a table? What is the breaking point (e.g: 100mm> records)? What can the user do to prevent this? (e.g: use a read-only replica, or schedule frequent syncs, etc..)

Getting started


  • What versions of this connector does this implementation support? (e.g: postgres v3.14 and above)
  • What configurations, if any, are required on the connector? (e.g: buffer_size > 1024)
  • Network accessibility requirements
  • Credentials/authentication requirements? (e.g: A DB user with read permissions on certain tables)

Setup guide

For each of the above high-level requirements as appropriate, add or point to a follow-along guide. See existing source or destination guides for an example.

For each major cloud provider we support, also add a follow-along guide for setting up Airbyte to connect to that destination. See the Postgres destination guide for an example of what this should look like.


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.1.12023-03-17#24180Fix field order
0.1.02022-10-28#18039New Destination YugabyteDB