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The Airbyte Typesense destination allows you to sync data to Airbyte.Typesense is a modern, privacy-friendly, open source search engine built from the ground up using cutting-edge search algorithms, that take advantage of the latest advances in hardware capabilities.

Sync overview

Using overwrite sync, the auto schema detection is used and all the fields in a document are automatically indexed for searching and filtering

With append mode, you have to create the collection first and can use pre-defined schema that gives you fine-grained control over your document fields.

Output schema

Each stream will be output into its own collection in Typesense. If an id column is not provided, it will be generated.


Full Refresh SyncYes
Incremental - Append SyncYes
Incremental - Append + DedupedNo

Getting started


To use the Typesense destination, you'll need an existing Typesense instance. You can learn about how to create one in the Typesense docs.

Setup guide

The setup only requires two fields. First is the host which is the address at which Typesense can be reached. The second piece of information is the API key.


VersionDatePull RequestSubject
0.1.32024-01-1734336Fix check() arguments error
0.1.22023-08-2529817Fix writing multiple streams
0.1.12023-08-2429555Increasing connection timeout
0.1.02022-10-2818349New Typesense destination