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Sync overview

Output schema

The incoming airbyte data is structured in keyspaces and tables and is partitioned and replicated across different nodes in the cluster. This connector maps an incoming stream to a Scylla table and a namespace to a Scyllakeyspace. Fields in the airbyte message become different columns in the Scylla tables. Each table will contain the following columns.

  • _airbyte_ab_id: A random uuid generated to be used as a partition key.
  • _airbyte_emitted_at: a timestamp representing when the event was received from the data source.
  • _airbyte_data: a json text representing the extracted data.


Full Refresh SyncWarning: this mode deletes all previously synced data in the configured DynamoDB table.
Incremental - Append Sync
Incremental - Deduped HistoryAs this connector does not support dbt, we don't support this sync mode on this destination.
NamespacesNamespace will be used as part of the table name.

Performance considerations

Scylla is highly performant and is designed to handle large amounts of data by using different nodes in the cluster in order to perform write operations. As long as you have enough nodes in your cluster the database can scale infinitely and handle any amount of data from the connector.

Getting started


  • Driver compatibility: NA
  • Configuration
    • Keyspace [default keyspace to use when writing data]
    • Username [authentication username]
    • Password [authentication password]
    • Address [cluster address]
    • Port [default: 9042]
    • Replication [optional][default: 1]

Setup guide

TODO: more info, screenshots?, etc...