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Oracle Migration Guide

Upgrading to 1.0.0

This version removes the option to use "normalization" with Oracle. It also changes the schema and database of Airbyte's "raw" tables to be compatible with the new Destinations V2 format. These changes will likely require updates to downstream dbt / SQL models. After this update, Airbyte will only produce the "raw" v2 tables, which store all content in JSON. These changes remove the ability to do deduplicated syncs with Oracle.

If you are interested in the Oracle destination gaining the full features of Destinations V2 (including final tables), click [[]] to register your interest.

This upgrade will ignore any existing raw tables and will not migrate any data to the new schema. For each stream, you should perform the following query to migrate your data from the old raw table to the new raw table:

-- assumes your database was 'PUBLIC'
-- replace `{{stream_name}}` with replace your stream name

CREATE TABLE airbyte_internal.public_raw__stream_{{stream_name}}
_airbyte_raw_id VARCHAR(64) PRIMARY KEY,
_airbyte_data JSON,
_airbyte_meta JSON

INSERT INTO airbyte_internal.default_raw__stream_{{stream_name}}
_airbyte_ab_id AS "_airbyte_raw_id",
_airbyte_data AS "_airbyte_data"
_airbyte_emitted_at AS "_airbyte_extracted_at",
NULL AS "_airbyte_loaded_at",
NULL AS "_airbyte_meta",
FROM default._airbyte_raw_{{stream_name}};

Airbyte will not delete any of your v1 data.

Database/Schema and the Internal Schema

We have split the raw and final tables into their own schemas, which means that we will only write into the raw tables which will live in the airbyte_internal schema. The tables written into this schema will be prefixed with either the default schema provided in the Default Schema field when configuring Oracle (but can also be overridden in the connection). You can change the "raw" database from the default airbyte_internal by supplying a value for Raw Table Schema Name.

For Example:

  • Default Schema: default
  • Stream Name: my_stream

Writes to airbyte_intneral.default_raw__stream_my_stream

Where as:

  • Default Schema: default
  • Stream Name: my_stream
  • Raw Table Schema Name: raw_data

Writes to raw_data.default_raw__stream_my_stream