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Contributions to docs

hide easter egg text for images in these thingies

Did you just learn something?!

  • maybe write a doc for it!

Where to put stuff

  • Try and utilize existing folder structure
  • If it fits in an existing category: great!
  • If it doesn't add it to /docs/ top level
    • If it makes sense to make a new category with other top level make a new directory
  • images and other assets live in /docs/assets/
  • New folders need at least 2 markdown files for docusarus to recognise the folder in the sidebar

Testing your changes locally

more in depth local change guide here

  • You can see what the docs website will look like locally try:
cd docusaurus
yarn build && yarn serve
# press control-c to exit the server
  • if you change anything at all
    • Your changes will not show up on the website until you re-run yarn build && yarn serve