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Airbyte Quickstart

Airbyte has a single binary tool called abctl which can be used to quickly standup Airbyte.

Setup & launch Airbyte


Mac users can use Brew to install the abctl command

brew tap airbytehq/tap
brew install abctl

Then you can run Airbyte with the following command:

abctl local install
  • Your browser should open to the Airbyte Application, if it does not visit http://localhost:8000
  • You will be asked for a username and password. By default, that's username airbyte and password password. You can set these values through command line flags or environment variables. For example, to set the username and password to foo and bar respectively, you can run the following command:
abctl local install --username foo --password bar

# Or as Environment Variables
  • Start moving some data!


If you have any questions about the local setup and deployment process, head over to our Getting Started FAQ on our Airbyte Forum that answers the following questions and more:

  • How long does it take to set up Airbyte?
  • Where can I see my data once I've run a sync?
  • Can I set a start time for my sync?

If you find an issue with the abctl command, please report it as a github issue here with the type of "🐛 [abctl] Report an issue with the abctl tool".

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