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Maintainer Code of Conduct

Our maintainer program can only succeed if a certain number of rules are respected. We appreciate your continued commitment to making this program a success, and are proud of counting you in our maintainer community.

Rule 1: Be respectful.

You will be reviewing the PRs of Airbyte’s contributors. They are a central part of our community, as you are, so we want everyone to have a fulfilling experience. All of the guidelines we provide below are important, but there’s a reason respect is the first rule. We take it seriously, we cannot condone disrespectful behavior.

Rule 2: Be empowered to claim a PR.

Once you have commit access, you will be able to claim a PR, so another maintainer won’t review it. This will remove some pressure on getting it reviewed before any other maintainer. The quality of the review is important, as it has a huge impact on the contributors’ experiences.

Rule 3: Review claimed PRs within 24 hours.

At the same time, we can’t let a PR stay open for too long. The goal of claiming a PR is to indicate the other maintainers that you’re on it. Claiming but not reviewing it is not fair to other maintainers. This explains why we give a reasonable amount of time, i.e. 24 hours to review the PR. Claiming a PR means you intend to review it today.

Rule 4: Claim one PR at a time.

Again, to be fair with other maintainers, this rule prevents any maintainer from monopolizing all the bounties.

Rule 5: Claim another PR, if an existing PR is blocked.

Once you have reviewed a PR, you should be able to claim and review another one. This rule is about enabling you to do that, even though the first PR you reviewed wasn’t approved. The Code of Conduct is about reviewing a PR one at a time. That means you could be the active reviewed of 3 PRs, only if at least 2 of them are awaiting code changes by the contributor.

Rule 6: Comment with clarity and thoughtfulness.

Our contributor’s and maintainer’s experience is paramount to us. Putting some effort into a well-researched and thoughtful comment shows consideration for the contributors’ time and will get a more efficient PR review process.

Rule 7: Low-quality code should not be merged.

Airbyte is infrastructure, and therefore needs to be very reliable. The code we accept should only be high quality and not patch code. Please have the same level of expectations as if it was code within your own infrastructure.

If you see a message or receive a direct message that violates any of these rules, please contact an Airbyte team member and we will take the appropriate moderation action immediately. We have zero tolerance for intentional rule-breaking and hate speech.