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Airbyte Cloud limits

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Understanding the following limitations will help you more effectively manage Airbyte Cloud.

  • Max number of workspaces per user: 3*
  • Max number of instances of the same source connector: 10*
  • Max number of destinations in a workspace: 20*
  • Max number of streams that can be returned by a source in a discover call: 1K
  • Max number of streams that can be configured to sync in a single connection: 1K
  • Max number of fields that can be selected to sync in a single connection: 20k
  • Size of a single record: 20MB**

* Limits on workspaces, sources, and destinations do not apply to customers of Powered by Airbyte. To learn more contact us!

** The effective maximum size of the record may vary based per destination. Some destinations may fail to sync if a record cannot be stored, but Destinations which support typing and deduping will adjust your record so that the sync does not fail, given the database/file constraints. For example, the maximum size of a record in MongoDB is 16MB - records larger than that will need to be modified. At the very least, primary keys and cursors will be maintained. Any modifications to the record will be stored within airbyte_meta.changes for your review within the destination.