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Manage credits

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Airbyte credits are used to pay for Airbyte resources when you run a sync. You can purchase credits on Airbyte Cloud to keep your data flowing without interruption.

Buy credits

  1. To purchase credits directly through the UI, click Billing in the left-hand sidebar. The billing page displays the available credits, total credit usage, and the credit usage per connection.


    If you are unsure of how many credits you need, use our Cost Estimator or click Talk to Sales to find the right amount for your team.

  2. Click Buy credits. Enter the quantity of credits you intend to purchase and adjust the credit quantity accordingly. When you're ready, click Checkout.


    Purchase limits:

    • Minimum: 20 credits
    • Maximum: 6,000 credits

    To buy more credits or discuss a custom plan, reach out to Sales.

  3. You'll be renavigated to a Stripe payment page. If this is your first time purchasing, you'll be asked for payment details. After you enter your billing address, sales tax (if applicable) is calculated and added to the total.

  4. Click Pay to process your payment. A receipt for your purchase is automatically sent to your email.


    Credits expire after one year if they are not used.

Automatic reload of credits

You can enroll in automatic top-ups of your credit balance. This feature is for those who do not want to manually add credits each time.

To enroll, email us with:

  1. A link to your workspace or organization that you'd like to enable this feature for.
  2. Recharge threshold The number under what credit balance you would like the automatic top up to occur.
  3. Recharge balance The amount of credits you would like to refill to.

As an example, if the recharge threshold is 10 credits and recharge balance is 30 credits, anytime your credit balance dips below 10 credits, Airbyte will automatically add enough credits to bring the balance back to 30 credits by charging the difference between your credit balance and 30 credits.

To take a real example, if:

  1. The credit balance reached 3 credits.
  2. 27 credits are automatically charged to the card on file and added to the balance.
  3. The ending credit balance is 30 credits.

Note that the difference between the recharge credit amount and recharge threshold must be at least 20 as our minimum purchase is 20 credits.

If you are enrolled and want to change your limits or cancel your enrollment, email us.

View invoice history

  1. In the Airbyte UI, click Billing in the navigation bar.

  2. Click Invoice History. You will be redirected to a Stripe portal.

  3. Enter the email address used to make the purchase to see your invoice history. Email us for an invoice.