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Modifying connection state

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The connection state provides additional information about incremental syncs. It includes the most recent values for the global or stream-level cursors, which can aid in debugging or determining which data will be included in the next sync.

To review the connection state:

  1. In the Airbyte UI, click Connections and then click the connection you want to display.

  2. Click the Settings tab on the Connection page.

  3. Click the Advanced dropdown arrow.

    Connection State displays.

Editing the connection state allows the sync to start from any date in the past. If the state is edited, Airbyte will start syncing incrementally from the new date. This is helpful if you do not want to fully resync your data. To edit the connection state:


Updates to connection state should be handled with extreme care. Updates may break your syncs, requiring a full historical sync of your data to fix. Make changes only as directed by the Airbyte team.

  1. Click anywhere in the Connection state to start editing.

  2. Confirm changes by clicking "Update state". Discard any changes by clicking "Revert changes".

  3. Confirm the changes to the connection state update.