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Using the dbt Cloud integration

Step 1: Generate a service token

Generate a service token for your dbt Cloud transformation.

Step 2: Set up the dbt Cloud integration in Airbyte Cloud

To set up the dbt Cloud integration in Airbyte Cloud:

  1. On the Airbyte Cloud dashboard, click Settings.

  2. Click dbt Cloud integration.

  3. Paste the service token from Step 1 and click Save changes.

  4. Click Connections and select the connection you want to add a dbt transformation to.

  5. Go to the Transformation tab and click + Add transformation.

  6. Select the transformation from the dropdown and click Save changes. The transformation will run during the subsequent syncs until you remove it.


You can have multiple transformations per connection.

  1. To remove a transformation, click X on the transformation and click Save changes.