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API documentation

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Airbyte has two sets of APIs which are intended for different uses. The table below outlines their descriptions, use cases, availability and status.

Airbyte APIConfiguration API
DescriptionAirbyte API is a reliable, easy-to-use interface for programmatically controlling the Airbyte platform. With full support from the Airbyte team.The Config API is an internal Airbyte API that is designed for communications between different Airbyte components.
Use CasesEnables users to control Airbyte programmatically and use with Orchestration tools (ex: Airflow)

Exists for Airbyte users to write applications against.

Enables Powered by Airbyte
Enables Airbyte Engineering team to configure Airbyte
Intended usersAirbyte OSS, Cloud & Self-Hosted EnterpriseAirbyte Engineering Team
StatusAvailable to all Airbyte users (OSS, Cloud, Self-Hosted Enterprise). Learn more on our blog.

Full support from the Airbyte team.
Airbyte does NOT have active commitments to support this API long-term. Users utilize the Config API, at their own risk.

This API is utilized internally by the Airbyte Engineering team and may be modified in the future if the need arises.

Modifications by the Airbyte Engineering team could create breaking changes and OSS users would need to update their code to catch up to any backwards incompatible changes in the API.
DocumentationAvailable hereAvailable here