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Setup Single Sign-On via Microsoft Entra ID

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This page guides you through setting up Single Sign-On with Airbyte using Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure ActiveDirectory).

Airbyte will communicate with your Entra ID using OpenID Connect (OIDC).

Creating an Entra ID app for Airbyte


The following steps need to be executed by an administrator of your company's Microsoft Entra ID account.

You'll require to know your Company Identifier to create your application. You receive this from your contact at Airbyte.

Create application

You will need to create a new Entra ID application for Airbyte. Log into the Azure Portal and search for the Entra ID service.

From the overview page of Entra ID, press Add > App registration on the top of the screen.

Specify any name you want (e.g. "Airbyte") and configure a Redirect URI of type Web with the following value:<your-company-identifier>/broker/default/endpoint

Hit Register to create the application.

Create Client credentials

To create Client credentials for Airbyte to talk to your application head to Certificates & Secrets on the detail screen of your application and select the Client secrets tab.

Click New client secret, specify any Description you want and any expiry date you want.


We recommend to chose an expiry date of at least 12 months. You'll need to pass in the new client secret every time the old one expires to continue being able to log in via Entra ID.

Copy the Value (the Client Secret itself) immediately after creation. You won't be able to view this later on.

Setup information needed

You'll need to pass your Airbyte contact the following information of the created application.

  • Client Secret: as copied above
  • Application (client) ID: You'll find this in the Essentials section on the Overview page of the application you created
  • OpenID Connect metadata document: You'll find this in the Endpoints panel, that you can open from the top bar on the Overview page

Once we've received this information from you, We'll setup SSO for you and let you know once it's ready to be used.