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Welcome to Airbyte Docs

What is Airbyte?

Airbyte is an open-source data movement infrastructure for building extract and load (EL) data pipelines. It is designed for versatility, scalability, and ease-of-use.

There are three major components to know in Airbyte:

  1. The connector catalog
    • 350+ pre-built connectors: Airbyte’s connector catalog comes “out-of-the-box” with over 350 pre-built connectors. These connectors can be used to start replicating data from a source to a destination in just a few minutes.
    • No-Code Connector Builder: You can easily extend Airbyte’s functionality to support your custom use cases through tools like the No-Code Connector Builder.
  2. The platform: Airbyte’s platform provides all the horizontal services required to configure and scale data movement operations, available as cloud-managed or self-managed.
  3. The user interface: Airbyte features a UI, PyAirbyte (Python library), API, and Terraform Provider to integrate with your preferred tooling and approach to infrastructure management.

Airbyte is suitable for a wide range of data integration use cases, including AI data infrastructure and EL(T) workloads. Airbyte is also embeddable within your own application or platform to power your product.

For Airbyte Cloud users

Browse the connector catalog to find the connector you want. In case the connector is not yet supported on Airbyte Cloud, consider using Airbyte Open Source.

Next, check out the step-by-step tutorial to sign up for Airbyte Cloud, understand Airbyte concepts, and run your first sync.

For Airbyte Open Source users

Browse the connector catalog to find the connector you want. If the connector is not yet supported on Airbyte Open Source, build your own connector.

Next, check out the Airbyte Open Source QuickStart. Then learn how to deploy and manage Airbyte Open Source in your cloud infrastructure.

For Airbyte contributors

To contribute to Airbyte code, connectors, and documentation, refer to our Contributing Guide.

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